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History is a Dangerous Subject

Jun 23, 2022

I've found history to be a dangerous subject—especially when in the hands of politicians. Also, history is full of biases, which is natural. It is biassed because it depends upon who's writing the history.

If some European is writing history, he will magnify Europe's supremacy over the world. If some Turk is writing history, he will glorify the Turkish empire. So it is with religion and caste.

It can be used by someone to vilify one religion or caste, or it can be used to glorify one particular race, religion, or caste. It can lead to devastating consequences.

History, often in the hands of politicians, can be worse. They can take something from history or make something up and cause havoc in the present—all for the sake of a vote bank.

The history taught in the schools or colleges in the books is mostly determined by the ruling government. They can make someone the greatest or make someone the worst person ever born. Children can be brainwashed to believe what the government wants. They can be made to hate a particular person, religion, caste, race, or gender.

Since history is such a subjective and biassed subject—and it is mostly full of lies—I don't find it a very useful subject. But I've got to read it because I will fail if I don't.