I took it to my heart

· 1 min read

I haven't posted in the past 2 years (almost). This is kind of funny, because I did write a post titled No Opinions. In that post I talked about it's OK to not have opinions on everything. I guess, I took it to my heart, and stopped having, let alone opinions, even the thoughts.

Well, I overhauled the blog once again. On the front-end, it wears the same minimalist design, but a lot has changed behind the curtains. I think I (might) keep this setup for a while now.

I have started reading books, once again. So, in the next coming days, I'll be talking a lot about books. In general, I will talk about books in the posts, but I have created another section for books, as well. In that particular section, I'll post review (sort of) and my opinion about a particular book.

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