Pitch vs Product

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What do you think matters more: the pitch or the product? Yes, the product matters more. But more often than not, we see that people work on the pitch more than they do on the product. What do I mean by all of this? Let me explain.

Here, by "product," I don't necessarily mean a product by a company. Here, a product can mean anything, but it can also mean a person. So, it can mean that you're a product and I'm a product too.

A pitch is about how we market our product or how we display ourselves in front of the world.

So when you work more on improving the pitch, you may get some initial success—even if your product isn't that good—but ultimately it will fail.

On the other hand, if you work on the product, you might not even need to prepare a pitch. The product will sell itself (in most cases). And if it doesn't, then by working on your pitch, it will definitely sell.

So is the case with human beings. Rather than finding hacks and tricks to get temporary success, work on yourself—people will notice you eventually. Work on improving yourself in the areas where you lack.

When you're a good product, you don't find people—people find you.

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